Recruit Punch List

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Recruit Punch List
Top 10

1) Grades -  An athlete with good grades stands out! Its one less thing for a coach to worry about, and provides financial opportunities as well.

2) Attitude - Be a leader! Carry yourself in a manner that stands out in a positive way. You can win a coach over by how you respond to adversity. Be the best you!

3) Hustle - Always play all out. Never take a pitch or a swing off. Operate with aggressiveness.

4) Work - Hard work will always show!

5) Communicate - Reach out to coaches. Don't think you will be " spotted ". Build relationships with coaches!

6) Research - Know what schools fit you!

7) Show up - Go to camps and clinics. If you are interested in a school, visit it. Make it a point to be at every event they offer. Coaches want players that want to be at their school. Not looking for players that are settling.

8) Know your role - You may not play your current position in college. You will play where they need you. You could be a DH or a base runner. Accept that and move on.

9) Talk with your parents - Make sure the entire family is involved and there are not surprises. Coaches will eventually want to build a relationship with your parents as well.

10) No quit - Be relentless in recruiting. Don't find distractions to keep you from working for your goal. No excuses. Every week you don't work toward a position on a college roster, someone else does!